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Sound Transit

Security Operations Center

Supported by Middle Atlantic Products Viewpoint™ Consoles and VisionFrame™ Video Monitor Walls

When the Chief Security Officer for a busy metro transit authority thought it all through, he knew that the nerve center for his system needed a complete overhaul. He looked to Middle Atlantic to upgrade the Sound Transit’s central control room.

Easing the Design Process with Middle Atlantic’s Designer™ Software

Middle Atlantic’s free Designer™ software let the project’s engineers quickly design a package that was functionally correct and to scale. Because of the flexibility it provided, they were able to change and pull the parts quickly, compared to referring to extensive documentation and catalogs. The results were then exported into a CAD document that was forwarded to contractors who were doing carpet and paint, glazing, and HVAC changes. Download our case study to learn more about how our AV products and Designer™ software helped to transform the Sound Transit’s control room.