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Caution: Knowledge Dropping

If you are new to AV University (Hi, what’s your major?), fill out this short form, go to AVU and enroll for a free course, and we’ll send you our exclusive AV pro poster lickety-split.

The AV Pro Cheat Sheet is a collection of all the formulas, facts and figures any CTS candidate needs to memorize to prepare for the certification exam. It's also a handy reference for anyone in AV. Just tack it on your cube for easy future reference. The only thing this poster doesn’t have is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow. Supplies are limited to the first 200 new enrollees at AV University who have also filled out this form.

AV University is your spot to get free access to courses for technical training, installation tips and tricks, how-to videos, technology deep-dives, application specifics, general industry knowledge and much more. Many courses offer free CTS Renewal Unit credits, so keep coming back for new content. We’re always open and available on your schedule. Learn more at AV University.